• Strategic Management. Boston College. Spring 2021.

This course provides future leaders and strategists with an understanding of strategic management that will enable them to function effectively in a complex, global economy. Successful strategists need to define goals, analyze the organization and its environment, make choices, and take concerted actions to effect positive change in their organization and society. Using the conceptual tools and analytic frameworks of strategic management, this course provides a perspective that is integrative, yet analytical. This perspective helps students make sense of the global business and societal environments, understand the ambiguities and dilemmas of management, and learn how to take effective action.
  • Organizational Behavior. Boston College. Spring 2017.

As an introduction to the study of human behavior in organizations, this course aims at increasing an awareness and understanding of individual, interpersonal, group, and organizational events, as well as increasing a student's ability to explain and influence such events. The course deals with concepts that are applicable to institutions of any type; a central thrust of these concepts concerns the way institutions can become more adaptive and effective. The course is designed to help the student understand and influence the groups and organizations to which he/she currently belongs and with which he/she will become involved in a later career.

Guest Lecturer

  • Ethical Leadership Skills (Session on Ethical Leadership across Cultures). Boston College. Spring 2019.

  • Negotiation (Session on Cross-Cultural Negotiation). Boston College. Fall 2018 and Fall 2017.