• Institutionalizing Place: Materiality and Meaning in Boston's North End

Candace Jones, Ju Young Lee, and Taehyun Lee. 2019. Research in the Sociology of Organizations, 65B: 211-239.
  • Paradoxical Effects of Alliances on Firm Growth: U.S. Airline Alliance Network and the Size of Directly-Covered Markets

Taehyun Lee, Grimm Noh, and Dongyoub Shin. 2019. Journal of Strategic Management, 22(1): 77-101.

Selected Working Papers and Works in Progress

  • [Title removed for blind review]

Taehyun Lee and Candace Jones. (Revise and resubmit at Academy of Management Journal).
  • Growth and Decline of the "Sharing Economy" Category

Taehyun Lee. (Data analysis and writing stage).
  • From Competitors to Complementors: Architects and Engineers Professionals Creating New Markets

Taehyun Lee and Candace Jones. (Data analysis and writing stage).
  • Criteria for Effective and Ethical Framing

Richard P. Nielsen and Taehyun Lee. (Conceptual paper; writing stage).
  • Social Movement as a Platform of Interinstitutional System: Interfield Variations of Institutional Logics and Agency Dynamics, and Post-movement Divergence of Activist Artists in Korean Minjung Arts

Dongyoub Shin, Sunhyuk Kim, Margeum Kim, and Taehyun Lee. (Data analysis and writing stage).
  • Venturing of Corporate Venture Capital Firms

Doyoon Kim, Naryoung Yu, and Taehyun Lee. (Data analysis and writing stage).